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daniel clifton


past collaborators:

asli bulbul

sam crawford

johanna cairns

aaron draper

thomas dunn

mélanie giffard

gillian harwin

mia jacobucci

burr johnson

niall jones

adrian jones

amy larimer

nicholas leichter

kathryn logan
















Mélanie Giffard - From the age of 4 years, she trained in contemporary dance in Caen (France). From 2006 to 2008, she is an interpreter for Jacky Auvray (Normand Choreographer). In 2008, she joined the training "of the interpreter to the author" in the CCN Rillieux La Pape (near Lyon) - Cie Maguy Marin, a year when she met choreographers such as Dominique Duszynski, Maguy Marin, Cie Ex-Nihilo. Director like Alain Behar, François Tanguy, Alexander Del Perugia, Jerzy Klesyk, many worlds that enrich and question its interpretation. In 2009, she took workshops with Vincent Dupont, who invited her to observe the time of creation of "Souffles" (Creation 2010) at La Ménagerie De Verre (Paris). Meanwhile, she creates "Brouhaha" in Berlin, a solo on the family relations. In 2010, she followed the Boris Charmatz's workshop on his creation 2010 "Levée des conflits".She participated at the "Skite" (Jean-Marc Adolphe), and dances with Daniel Clifton. In 2011, she joines Cie Hela Fattoumi and Eric Lamoureux for the creation of "Circle" and "Lost in Burqua."