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Amy Larimer graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Connecticut College.  After graduating, she moved to Portland, Maine where she danced with Daniel McCusker, Gwyneth Jones, Paul Sarvis, June Watanabe and Brian Crabtree.    In 1993 she moved to New York and became a founding member of nicholasleichterdance.  She toured internationally with Leichter until 2002.  Since then, she has collaborated with Susannah Keagle, Clare Byrne, Daniel Clifton, Aaron Draper, Polina Klimovitskaya and Debra Wanner. She appeared in the musical Massholia and inKen Nintzel’s visualextravaganza Twas and her own work has been performed at a variety of venues including Dixon Place, P.S. 122, Catch a Rising Star, Caroline's Comedy Club, DTW, HERE, Joyce Soho, Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center and the West End Theater.  She received her yoga certification from OM in 2004 and her MFA from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee in 2007.  She currently teaches yoga in New York City and dance and theater at Lehman College.


Amy on the web - amylarimer.org